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Woman Goes on Cruise Vacation With a Total Stranger and People Are Obsessed

When you’re living the single life, it can be tough to find people to travel with. After all, most people are busy with their own partners and families, and it’s tough for them to make time to take a trip with friends. But being single doesn’t have to mean sitting at home by your lonesome self. You can always take a solo trip, or, you can do what a woman named Nicole Astra did and book a vacation with a complete stranger. Yes, this really happened. The trip is underway as we speak.

It all started when @nicoleastra shared a video on TikTok letting the world know that she’d booked a Royal Caribbean cruise with a man she’s never met before. Yes, they’re both single. And yes, they’re staying in the same cabin. To say that people are invested in how this story is unfolding is a huge understatement. Here’s where it all began.

OMG. A vacation with a stranger is one thing. But taking a cruise out on the open ocean? No wonder people think she’s a very brave soul! Ok, ok, so she does have a shared Facebook connection with the guy she’s cruising with. But still. People are hungry for more information and can’t wait to see where this goes. And based on the updates that Nicole shared? Things seem to be going even better than expected. 

Here’s the moment Nicole and her travel buddy, Troy, first met.

He looks like a pretty stand-up guy to us. Of course, there was a small snafu when they checked into their cabin.

Yikes! Good thing Royal Caribbean was able to bring in two singles for them. Otherwise, things could’ve been a tad bit awkward. Nicole shared another update after their first night on the ship, and it sounds like there was an instant connection with these two!

She’s been sharing countless updates every say with the highlights of their trip. Needless to say, plenty of people are following along with their journey, and everyone wants to see them form a love connection! In one of her latest TikToks, Troy and Nicole clued us in on whether or not this whole trip was destiny.

Ugh. Seriously?! Oh come on, you two! Give it another couple of days or so. Maybe the spark simply has yet to ignite. We’ll be anxiously awaiting another update at the end of the cruise to hear if Nicole and Troy have any more adventures in their future. Fingers crossed for super smooth sailing from here to eternity!