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Video Showing the Truth Behind Woman's 'Upstairs' Airbnb in France Has Us Sweating

Booking an Airbnb is always a bit of a crapshoot. Smart guests read up on their properties, pore through the reviews, and basically do their due diligence. However, even if you do your research, sometimes you just don't find out the finer details- both pros and cons- of your Airbnb until you're actually there.

Maddie Renee, sharing videos as @maddierenee826 on TikTok, booked an Airbnb for her and her boyfriend to stay at while they vacationed in Nice, France. There was just one issue she discovered when she got there, though, which she explained in the video's description: "When the Airbnb ad said “upstairs” apartment, I didn’t realize it would be located out of our atmosphere."

Oh yeah, that's a few flights upstairs. Well, look on the bright side, Maddie, you and your boyfriend will still get your cardio in on vacation! No, but seriously, we can sympathize- thinking of climbing up those stairs with our luggage after an 8+ hour long flight has us sweating!

Many fellow travelers sympathized in the comments, many of them having once been in a similar- or the exact same- situation. "I STAYED AT THIS EXACT APARTMENT IN FRANCE AND IT WAS BRUTAL!! Not only were the stairs brutal but it’s so high up and hot with only one fan 😩," recalled @chloedicks. Yeah, internal AC is not as widespread in Europe as it is in the US. "😭 I feel this pain. Similar thing happened to me in Cuzco 10,000 feet above sea level. Taking my luggage all the way up was hell," reminisced @thatonecraftybish. "This was me on the Amalfi coast Lmao we had like 150 stairs & doing it drunk and in heels 😅😅," shared @alexacheyenne_.

However, others were not so sympathetic. "New Yorkers enter the chat… “and?” joked @spymylittleye. Seriously, half of the comments were made up of unimpressed New Yorkers. "Laughs in NYC walk-ups," scoffed @catrinagale. "Me watching this from my 6th floor walk-up in NYC 👀," @nikonblonde quipped.

We suppose it just goes to show that of all the things that could go wrong with your Airbnb, finding out that you have to climb a few extra flights of stairs to it is not the worst!

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