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Video Shares 3 Unpopular Things to Do on a Cruise Ship That Are Worth It

While cruising can be fun, a lot of times you may find yourself standing in line or waiting for service at popular activities or dining areas. Sometimes, people overlook less popular activities that are actually worth it- and less crowded! So, what secret hits have we been missing out on aboard our cruise trips?

TikTok user @yourstrulychelsea is all about that cruise ship life. In this video, she outlines three activities that we've been sleeping on- and why they're actually worth it. 

We really dig these- they're simple, peaceful ways to treat yourself away from the most crowded areas aboard a cruise ship. We all still love the big events, activities, and dining experience, but sometimes it's nice to find a little respite away from the noise and bustle and enjoy yourself with a little extra breathing room. Plus, hitting the gym as she suggests might help you avoid that bloating and extra vacation weight gain so many of us struggle with.

"Agreed on MDR [main dining room]. I love walking the promenade, especially when it's open on the aft. usually empty," agreed @thatsagoodpoint- fitting username, that. "My family and i go on cruises almost every summer and we love eating in the dining room," said @laurmarie777.

"When I went on a cruise with my family my siblings and I just went to the gym for fun. We were bored lol," @ciarajade20 shared their experience. One user, @caroline_catbridges_kitt, even added their own suggestion: "Another idea is order room service for breakfast.' Ooh, nice. Treat yourself to a little breakfast in bed and give yourself an easy morning, that's a vibe we love.

We think Chelsea's tips are great, and we'll definitely take them to heart on our next cruise. What not-so-popular cruise activities do you love? 

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