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Theme Park Fan Attempts To Ride Every Coaster in 'Universal Studios' in an Hour

Though much smaller than its Orlando counterpart, Universal Studios Hollywood is still home to some famous thrilling rides! With the park's relatively small number of rides, some park goers have invented speedrun challenges. Some claim that, hypothetically, you could get on every ride in the park in one hour- but is that challenge actually achievable?

Theme park enthusiast @projectthemepark attempted this challenge to see if it was actually possible. This is what happened when he tried to ride every ride in the park under one hour!

Despite inclement weather and technical difficulties on the first ride, he claims to have completed the challenge by the skin of his teeth, capping off his night on the Jurassic World chute ride at the very last second! We're impressed- even with the Hollywood park being much smaller than Orlando, riding that many rides in one hour is a seriously impressive feat. Despite the rainy conditions no doubt being miserable, the weather might actually have worked in his behavior by warding off crowds! He got pretty lucky here, but luck or no, he beat the challenge...

...Or did he?

Our coaster-loving friend claims that he successfully completed the challenge, sure. However, commenters were quick to point out some technicalities that negated his hard-earned victory. "You forgot Minions, Panda, and the tram so you really didn’t beat the challenge," pointed out @djeddysantana. "You missed Super Swirly ride also," added @maurarri.

To be fair to @projectthemepark, he had his reasons. "Panda and tram were closed. I did skip Minions tho cause the preshows are too long," he replied to the first comment. As for the Super Swirly ride- "Closed cause the rain," he explained.

We feel for him here- there's not much you can do if some of the rides are closed. We'll even accept him leaving the Minions ride off his list, since you can't speedrun unskippable preshows. But as for the closed rides, regardless of the circumstances, he hasn't really completed the challenge unless he's ridden those too!

Clearly, this challenge needed reworking. "Redo the challenge in two hours. It's more realistic with everything open. Wait for Flight of Hippo [the Hippogriff ride] to be back from refurb," @maurarri suggested. 

Undeterred, @projectthemepark accepted this new challenge. "I'm going to save this comment and wait for the perfect day to try again," he exclaimed. When he does, we'll be rooting for him!

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