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Universal Studios Orlando's Upcoming 'Epic Universe' Park Sounds Like the Coolest

In 2019, Universal Studios Orlando announced that they would be adding a brand-new park to their resort, called "Epic Universe". While the covid pandemic delayed construction for a while, the project is now back on track- and excited fans are rumoring about what might be included in the finished park. 

Juliet Nuzzo, aka @perfectingthemagic on TikTok, has her thumb on the pulse of what's going on at Universal Orlando. She reports on many of the upcoming rides guests are likely to see when the new park opens in Summer 2025!

This is going to be incredible. While Super Nintendo World is the only confirmed area, there is plenty of credible information to speculate on what the other rides and themes might be (such as construction permits filed by Universal with Orange County). There's a lot to get excited about. Because there's already a Super Nintendo World in Japan, we already have a good visual frame of reference for what that area will actually look like, and the picture of the park as a whole starts to come together clearer with the other speculated rides.

One roller coaster that viewers were especially excited about, though, is the upcoming dual-coaster ride. Why? Well... the comments answer that for themselves.

"THEY BRING DUELING DRAGONS BACK????" exclaimed @s.kit.tle.s. "So they got rid of Dueling Dragons to bring back Dueling Dragons. Got it," smirked @thatgirl_lisa22. For those not in the know, Dueling Dragons was a dragon-themed dual-coaster ride that was beloved by Universal fans, though it was closed down in 2017 due to its age and safety issues. It's no surprise why so many fans are excited at the thought of a similar ride to their old fan-favorite being brought back!

This is only a taste of what's to come, though. "I'll say someone working on Epic're missing a few lol. Hope you all like what we do with the place," teased @dametime4467. We're very excited to see what's coming down the pipeline, but there's still a long way to go before the park is complete. Perhaps we'll be there to see it for ourselves on opening day!

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