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'Universal Studios Florida' Plans to Close 5 Popular Attractions in 2023

Coming in just behind Disney World, Universal Studios Florida is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Orlando, and one of the top theme parks in the country. It's undergone many changes over the years to keep up with consumers' changing interests, retiring many popular attractions for newer ones. Recently, they announced that soon more changes will be on the way!

Travel agent @jordanwilliams_smv shared the breaking news about five Universal attractions that are set to close next January. These overhauls will affect the Kidzone area of the park.

While none of the major crowd-pleasing coasters will be affected by this change, these closures will have significant impact on guests bringing younger children to the park. All of these attractions encompass the bulk of the Kidzone area, and while certainly newer ones will be coming soon, Kidzone will be sparse for a while as these changes are being made.

Viewers chimed in with their thoughts on the upcoming closures. "Makes sense. A lot of these functions are either outdated or now owned by someone else," stated @kris10072. Very true- certain IPs have been traded a lot between media companies in recent years, making it difficult for their former owners to continue to license rides and attractions in their names. Still, viewers hoped that the incoming overhauls would benefit the park. "There is so much that Universal needs to make it more family friendly. For a start, attractions that are relevant today," said @evelyndreamsdisney.

Of course, some were sad to see the old attractions go. "My daughter loved Curious George area and the Woody coaster. Huge bummer since there already isn’t much for her," lamented @megan21690. "I'll be there Saturday with a little, will make sure he gets to do these," shared @astral_lacroix.

We hope that whatever fills the gap left by these closures is fresh and exciting, while still being friendly for the smaller guests. While nothing about the new attractions has been officially shared yet, there are speculations... "Pokémon has been the rumor to replace that area," claimed @that_tint_guy. That would be extremely cool, but we don't yet know what the future holds.. we'll have to wait and see!

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