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Cool Feature on Brand New 'United' Planes Makes for a Nicer Flight

What will they think of next?

Those of us who travel often have probably been all thinking the same thing lately: some of these commercial planes have really seen better days. Of course, we aren't going to complain too much; it's better to get as much use out of these expensive vessels as the airlines possibly can. But after sitting in a tiny seat with a ripped cushion and a broken USB jack one too many times, sometimes, we wish we could have some flashier transportation.

Fortunately, that seems to be something the airlines are working on — or at least, as far as United is concerned. In a TikTok video, @sussman_aviation shared an awesome new feature that the airline's new planes will have, and it's going to eliminate at least one travel hassle we definitely won't miss. 

The newer planes that United is beginning to roll out will all have updated bluetooth connectivity on board, which will work with the entertainment screen. You can watch movies and listen to music via on flight entertainment while using your AirPods or wireless headphones, which is pretty convenient (and it's about time this exists!). 

According to the footage in the video, it should take less than a minute for your headphones to connect... and wow, these planes really do look nice on the inside, too — just an added bonus.

We're looking forward to testing out this feature for ourselves someday. Even if you're someone who usually listens to music or a podcast on your phone, it's nice to have the feature handy in case there's a movie or a show on the screen you want to check out to pass the time on a long flight!