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Video Listing 3 Must-See Unique Towns in California Has Us Ready for a Road Trip

When you think of California, there are the obvious big cities that come to mind first: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, etc. However, outside of the massive metropolises, California is home to many quaint and unique towns that many tourists never hear of. Today, we're going to explore a few of them.

Globetrotting TikTok user @cindyycheeks uploaded a charming video today showing three of her favorite unique small towns to check out in California. We had never heard of these before today, but after getting a peek at each one, we're intrigued!

Now, this video is charming, but aside from letting us get a quick look at some of each town's scenic spots, it doesn't tell us much about each destination. We wanted to know more- so we looked up some cool stuff about each town on her list.

Solvang, the first one, is unique for being essentially like a "Little Denmark" due to the city's Danish heritage. Known for its Danish food, architecture, and cultural festivals, Solvang also has many wineries and the Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum.

Cambria, the second, is a seaside town on the Pacific coastline halfway between LA and San Fran. A charming small city, visitors can enjoy visiting the beaches, whale-watching, biking, and checking out the Hearst Castle, which was the inspiration for Xanadu in Orson Welles' Citizen Kane.

Lastly, Capitola is another beach town in Santa Cruz County, where its visitors can relax on the many beaches along Monterey Bay, visit some of its many museums, and stay at the historic Venetian Court resort.

And as always, videos like these are always accompanied by additional recommendations from the commenters. "Solvang & Cambria are super nice, need to see Capitola. I’d also add Morro Bay to that list. Small quiet beach town, love the central coast," added @mauromonreal123. "Hear me out: Bakersfield. Crystal palace is sooo unique, Kern river, peacocks," suggested @mrsmc121715. "Solvang at Christmas time is MAGICAL!! 😍😍😍" recommended @analorraine07. OMG, those charming Danish-style buildings done up in Christmas decorations must look like a fairytale! We'd love to see it for ourselves.

When you look a little closer, there's so much more to California than just LA and San Francisco. Get out there and explore some of the state's many wonderful smaller cities!

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