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Video of Tourist in a Unicorn Float in Gale-Force Winds on a Cruise Ship Is Epic

Fall is a great season for deals and discounts when it comes to booking Caribbean trips and cruises, but that's in large part because it's hurricane season. Even if you don't get hit with a major hurricane on your Caribbean vacation, the weather can be, at times, rough and unpredictable!

However, one tourist was not going to cower in the face of bad weather on their cruise- instead, they took the opportunity to have a lot of fun with it! Lou, posting from the TikTok account @alisha_jae, shared the time they were caught in a pool on their cruise ship when a gale force 10 storm hit. They didn't get out, though- instead, they hopped onto their unicorn floatie and went for the ride of their life!

Honestly, we have to admit that looks like a ton of fun! We'd be scared of knocking our heads on the concrete, though, so it's not without its risks. That said, it almost looks like riding the big waves out on the high seas, but within a semi-controlled environment! Captain Lou looked to be having a great time as well!

"It's a literal wave pool 😂," joked @aliciak.xo. "This is amazing but I’m surprised they let you do this 😂," admired @friendlyod. However, the storm was enough to scare some of the viewers! "I would be sh**ting my pants thinking that we are absolutely, 100% going down like the Titanic," worried @jenn.m.m93. Seeing how crazy those waves are, we'd probably be thinking the same if we were there.

TBH, though, Lou was lowkey in the best position if the storm got bad enough to overwhelm the ship. "Well if the ship sank at least you'd have an inflatable already 😂 Terrifying but kinda looks fun," observed @aislander89. It's called being prepared!

We have to admire a fellow free spirit. Lou saw an opportunity for a rip-roaring ride and jumped right on it!