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There's a Shop for Items From People's Unclaimed Lost Luggage and We're Intrigued

Each year, over a million pieces of luggage get mishandled and go missing. Much of the time, the baggage will be eventually recovered and claimed by its owners. But what happens to luggage that goes unclaimed?

One company, Unclaimed Baggage, takes that unclaimed luggage and resells it to consumers for a luxury thrifty experience. From popular trendy brands to high-end or vintage pieces, there are thousands of unique items that the store offers its customers. TikTok user @caseyyisfetchh walks us through her experience buying from Unclaimed Baggage and gives us her scoop on the company.

This is amazing! Some of the stuff listed in their catalog is truly incredible. She scored some pretty incredible deals, which you can see in the follow-up video she made linked here. We did a little digging of our own as well and were amazed by some of the things we found. It's not just clothes, either- luggage, art, books, electronics- if it was found in unclaimed luggage and it's good for resale, this site has it!

If you're worried about the people whose luggage was lost- or are afraid of finding your own stuff on here!- don't worry. As @caseyyisfetchh explains in the comments, "Unclaimed Baggage does not obtain the luggage until the airports have went 3 months w/o being able to contact the owner. FAQ on their page 😌." The site only sells items that are well and truly abandoned.

Commenters who had experiences with the store or website spoke positively of it. "I got a kindle paperwhite (it's an old one) for like $20 including shipping. I didn't care much abt condition but its awesome," recalled @smiley.shelbz. "They have peridot earrings on there for 100$, retail is 200-1,000$," said another user. That is an INSANE bargain! "I was married in Scottsboro Al. Got my dress from unclaimed," shared @bridgetyoga. Man, they really have everything!

While you can visit Unclaimed Baggage's online store here, as @caseyyisfetchh said, they're doing a tour of the US currently. If you'd like to peruse their stock in person, check their tour dates and see if they're coming near you!

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