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Video Showing How the 'Ultra-Rich' Do Disney Vacations Is As Extra As It Gets

The Disney family of theme parks have proven to be some of the most magical places to experience. For both those who have gone to one of Disney's theme parks or those who have never experienced the allure of this magical place, we all know that Disney is truly one of the happiest places on earth. 

A new video that was shared on TikTok by @monorailsupplyco is going viral, all thanks to the fact that it shows Disney on a whole other level. Apparently, there's a once-in-a-lifetime Disney experience that only the ultra-rich can afford. This trip is like no other, it includes every single Disney perk you could ask for. Just wait until you hear what's included in this trip -- AND how much it costs per person! 

Um, $110,000 a pop? Geez. Must be nice! If you can afford it, you can take a trip to every single Disney park, on a private plane, nonetheless. Although this experience seems very extreme, some argue that it's not a bad deal with all things considered. TikTok user @madamegodeyy said, "It’s honestly worth it, if you think about it. It’s basically all-inclusive, plus a lot of VIP stuff only offered to the most exclusive guests." To see every single Disney park around the world with everything catered to, some people would give their life savings away!

Still, some of the commenters think this vacation isn't applicable to the average Joe. TikTok user @mrgso42 said, "I mean, I would if my bank account had ever seen that amount of money in its entire life." While most people probably don't have the cash to shell out for this incredible trip, it sure is fun to dream. After all, isn't that what Disney is all about?

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