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Video Tour of 'Twilight' Locations in Pacific Northwest Is Haunting

It's like walking straight into Forks.

Those of us who have gone through a Twilight phase — don't be afraid to admit it, this is a safe space! — have probably wished that we could visit the real life Forks, Washington at least once. And over the years, many fans have actually made the pilgrimage to the pacific northwest to check out the locations where the movie franchise filmed. It's been a minute, but we can't overstate how huge the Twilight mania was in the early 2000s... it actually ended up putting this area on the map as a legit tourist spot! 

And if, all these years later, you're considering making a trip and experiencing the beauty this part of the country has to offer, it might be time to pull the trigger on booking the trip. On TikTok, @lisa.cornuault shared a video of the filming locations she visited from Twilight that are so beautiful, we'd want to see them even if we'd never seen the movie before. 

She shared footage of some of the most iconic spots from the movie franchise, including the high school that Bella and Edward attended, the Cullen family's home, and the forests and beaches that set the scene for so many pivotal moments across the movies. Then, there's Bella's house, which has actually been turned into a real Airbnb that fans can stay the night in (and spend their visit surrounded by memorabilia from the movie in the process). 

Seeing this video brought a lot of fans comfort, according to the comments. Many people were instantly transported back to their high school days, when they first fell in love with the popular book and movie series.

"This brings back so [many] memories of high school... the books, the anticipation for the movies... wishing I was Bella," one fan wrote. 

This would be a neat trip for any super fan to take. How cool to visit these spots in person.