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Couple's Video Tour of the 'TWA Hotel' at 'JFK' Makes Us Want to Book a Stay ASAP

If you've ever missed a late flight, or had your flight cancelled or grounded due to bad weather, you may find yourself stranded at the airport with no place to say. While some camp out in the terminal's chairs, or leave the airport for a hotel- willing to brave the security checkpoints the next day- airports generally offer transit hotels where travelers can catch some shut-eye. While some of these suites are basic, other airports really do it up!

It was lucky that TikTok user @danielle_carolan and her boyfriend were at the JFK International Airport in Queens, NYC, when she missed her flight home. Booked for the next flight early next morning, they made the most of a bad situation and stayed at JFK's swanky TWA Hotel. We gotta be honest- we could not believe how nice it looks there! This video almost made us want to miss a flight- but only if we're flying out of JFK!

This place easily puts most airport transit hotels to shame. How many airport hotels have a freakin' POOL? We were also blown away by the airplane bar! Like Danielle herself said, it's like being in a private jet- only with no carbon footprint and plenty of fancy drinks so hey, win-win. If you've gotta be stuck at an airport overnight, this is the place to be!

"Honestly this is one of the only times I’ve ever been influenced. I will be staying here at some point due to this vid. Thanks," commented @jenmangin. "The picture in the pool is sooo cute!" admired @claaaarke (which yeah, it totally was). "This is actually goals lmfao," agreed @plantedbyvic.

"Stayed here in Feb of 2021 and the pool was surrounded by snow but still warm and we plane watched for a hour. It was glorious!" reminisced @lexicoristine. OK honestly, we're just about ready to book a stay here ourselves!

We hope everyone has easy and safe travels with no delays, cancellations, or missed flights. If you do ever get stuck overnight at JFK Airport, though, consider a stay at the TWA Hotel!