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Hack for Skipping to the Front of Airport Security Lines Is a Game-Changer

There are loopholes to get around everything these days.

Even for those who love to travel, the airport can be a bit of a pain. Sure, it's really exciting to board a plane and visit somewhere new, but the actual process of doing that can be a giant hassle. Who wants to deal with flight delays, expensive food, and finding your way through the crowds, anyway? 

Airport security can also be one of the most annoying parts of the airport experience, especially when lines are long. But thanks to @chooseloveart on TikTok, it seems like there might be a way to get around that. 

Of course, if you're willing to dish out the cash for programs like TSA Precheck and Global Entry, that will help, too, but if you can pull off this hack, it's totally free. Certain airports offer a service called Reserve, which you can find online. Before you head to the airport (or while you're en route), you can save your spot in line at security ahead of time, and then, when you arrive, you can scan a QR code and enter security with no line.

Whoa! We had no idea that this was possible, but it seems like the perfect way to save those valuable minutes (and sometimes hours) that we usually spend waiting around to have our bags scanned. 

It's not available in every airport just yet, but you can find Reserve already in use in cities like Los Angeles, Orlando, and Seattle, along with international destinations including Amsterdam, Berlin, and Munich.

Fingers crossed this service is available everywhere soon. This is a major game changer.