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Woman Books a Tour of Pittsburgh Through 'Trip Advisor' and the Experience Is Nothing Short of Epic

The guy who runs this tour is a true legend.

When it comes to exploring a brand new city, everyone is different. While some people like to take expert opinions into account, do tons of research, and make a jam-packed schedule, others simply like to show up and see where their days take them. But even those who book a tour ahead of time aren't guaranteed to know exactly what they're getting into before they take the tour themselves! 

In a video that's going viral on TikTok, @caroletriesnewthings shared what happened when she booked a tour of Pittsburgh through Trip Advisor. The second we saw that her tour guide showed up in a Mercury with a license plate that said "tour bus," we knew we were in for something good. 

They ended up at a football game, where the 70 year old tour guide made them each copy player Franco Harris' pose next to his plaque. From there, they took a trolley ride where he pulled out a binder with photos and started giving a history lesson, and while he was driving his passengers around, he even sang songs about Pittsburgh. 

This might not have been exactly what they bargained for, but who can argue that these travelers got a memorable experience out of the deal? And after watching this video, commenters are now wishing they could book a tour with him, too. 

"I hope this is his retirement, like he loves the city so much that he just wants to enjoy himself driving strangers around. His plan all along," one person wrote.

We hope so, too. He seems to be loving it — and those who take his tour will (hopefully) appreciate his enthusiasm!