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Hotel in London That Has a Distinct 'Treehouse Vibe' Is a True Oasis in the City

We're definitely planning a stay here.

A lot of hotels out there are pretty standard — and don't get us wrong, there's nothing wrong with a clean room, comfy bed, and a restaurant that will deliver yummy food right to our room. But lately, it seems like more and more properties are getting creative with their offerings, and we're here for it. Who doesn't want to stay somewhere that also offers up a unique experience you can't get anywhere else? 

If that's what you're looking for when you travel, this TikTok from @hotelsdotcom is recommending a hotel in London that you're definitely going to want to check out. It has a bar that is giving major treehouse vibes — like you're grabbing a cocktail at a rooftop paradise.

The open air bar is located on the roof, with plenty of places to sit, both under the sun and in the shade. There are plenty of elements of nature included in the design, with plants everywhere. And just as beautiful as the decor is the amazing view you get from being this high up. London is already a beautiful city, so seeing it from this perspective is even more special. 

If you want to see it for yourself next time you're in London, this bar is located at Treehouse Hotel London. It's not just the bar that's gorgeous — the rooms are luxurious, too, and the hotel offers amenities like multiple restaurants on site and rain showers and Nespresso machines in each room. 

It will cost you, though — the cheapest rates at the hotel seem to be around $500 USD a night, so get ready to splurge! After seeing this footage, though, it definitely looks worth it.