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Woman's Video About the Reality of Traveling With a Morning Person Is So Spot-On

There are two kinds of people in this world. There's the morning people... aaaaaaand there's the rest of us who would rather sleep in and get a little coffee first. Some of us aren't quite yet ready to face the day at 7:30 am, thank you very much!

TikTok user @realcaroldash12 found out the hard way which category her mom falls under on their recent Royal Caribbean cruise trip together. While @realcaroldash12 is still blinking awake and thinking about coffee, her mom is in full Type-A mode planning out their whole day!

LOL! Say what you will though, at least her mom sounds super fun. That is a woman who's on a mission- to have a freakin' good time! It just looks like @realcaroldash12 wants to hit the snooze button on the partyin' planning for just a liiiiiitle longer. Five more minutes, mom!

If you can get past the morning person aspect, this mom sounds like the ultimate cruise companion, and people just loved her in this video. "I am obsessed with this woman and want to travel with her. “ I don’t know what we are playing, but that sounds fun” same 😂😂😂😂😂 protect her" said @readynow5555. "I would LOVE to vacation with her!!!! No one ever wants to do the activities! If you want to sleep in and watch tv just stay home 😭" commented another user. We must admit, they have the right idea. Don't sleep in so long that life passes you by!

We also admire that Mom has her priorities straight. Casino Royale games? Absolutely. Scrapbooking? Count her in. 5k walk? ...Eugh. "At least she quickly shot down that 5k😂" admired @jojo__11__89. There's not enough coffee in the world that would make us want to walk a 5k on a cruise, either.

Honestly, we lowkey need @realcaroldash12's mom to plan all our vacations. You know they had to have had a great time together... once everyone got a little caffeine in their systems!

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