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Mom Shares the Reality of Traveling 30 Hours With an Infant and We Applaud Her

We give these parents so much credit.

No matter how well you prepare, there's no way around it: Traveling with an infant is stressful. There's always the chance that they'll sleep on a plane or during a road trip, but there's also the very real chance that they will refuse to — and that's just the beginning of the very long list of things that can go wrong.

But since staying home until your children are old enough to travel with pleasantly could take years, it's not an option most parents choose, which means a lot of people out there will relate to this TikTok video from @neekapeeka, who shared the reality of traveling to Australia to see her husband's family with her baby in tow. 

Spoiler alert: It looks just as miserable as you'd imagine! 

Visiting her in-laws meant enduring over 30 hours of travel to get there, and even without children, that kind of haul is brutal. She shared different clips from their journey, and between dad rocking the baby on the plane with a blanket covering both of them to make it dark to seeing the little one crawl down the aisle on the plane, there are plenty of parents who have been in this situation before! 

It looked like an absolutely exhausting experience, but eventually, they got there in one piece, which is all that matters, and those who commented on the video had so much sympathy for these parents.

"Every parent who travels long haul with a baby should get priority food and alcohol allowance," one person wrote.

They might be onto something there. Good for Mom and Dad for getting through it. We hope they were able to sleep for a long time when they arrived.