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Message Reminding Us Why It's So Important to Travel With Our Dogs Gives Us All the Feels

If you've got a pet with you today, hug them close and tell them you love them. Pets bring us so much joy and love into our lives, and we keep them safe, loved, and happy in return. Because pets are so precious to us, you may even want to think about bringing them along with you the next time you travel.

Traveling with pets can be a hassle sometimes, and many airlines and hotels don't make it any easier. But as Amber Darbyshire of @ambersaussies implores us in this video, the time we spend with our pets is so precious and important that it's worth it.

This video is so sweet, but it's also a sobering reminder. Dogs live such tragically short lives compared to humans, and the amount of time we share with them on this earth is far too brief. Don't let any second of it go to waste- go on adventures, explore, and experience new things together. You won't regret spending more time with your loved ones- and that includes your friends with fur.

Dog lovers heartily agreed, and shared their own adventures they've shared with their fur babies. "My Aussie dog (Jack) goes everywhere with us. He is spoiled and l love him to the moon and back!" @bfrazer67 said. "Our Aussie girl had her first cross country road trip and she did GREAT! Going camping with her soon. ♥️ " shared @electriclimes85 - congrats to them, btw, that sounds wonderful!"I won’t ever travel without my buddy again. Words so true that they only live once and their lifetimes are not long enough! Share the world with them! @mrs.kim_rn promised.

We hope this has inspired you to take more trips with your furry friends, showing them the world and enjoying their company while you share this life together. We think that @dogandpine said it best: "Our dogs. Built for this split moment in time. Born to be by our sides. Our best friends. 💕."