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Woman Shares Key Travel Tips to Avoid Dealing with Lost Luggage

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Travel today has become so stressful just with the regular protocol and routines. But when added unpredictable situations occur, it can become quite the harrowing experience. There are several key travel tips we can implement in the event that the 'just in case' happens, and if it does, we're prepared for the debacle that lies ahead.

TikTok video creator @ssltravel shares two great travel tips she always uses to avoid dealing with lost luggage. We'll bet millions of travelers wished they knew this useful information before the holiday mess that was experienced at the airports all over the country in the last few weeks. And we'll bet everyone will start doing this, if you aren't already now. 

These tips are so easy to use and only take an extra minute. What a lifesaver it could be if the unforeseen happens with your bags. Her first tip is to always take a picture of your suitcase. In the event your suitcase is lost, stolen, or delayed, the airline is responsible for up to $3800. The second tip is to place an air tag in your suitcase so you can track it on your mobile device for baggage claim status and/or filing claim if it gets lost. 

We're grateful for this information, and TikTok viewers are going to implement this their next time they fly. User @jenessewilson7 writes, "I keep an air tag in my suitcase, purse, car, and wallet. Best thing." That really is a fantastic idea. Viewer @quitestormlenee says, "Yup air tag in my bags, too, but never thought of taking a pic of them… thanks!" We agree. An extra layer of defense protection is super smart! Commenter @queendemi85 says, "I do NOT check bags… carry-on only for me. Prevents me from over packing and no waiting on checked bags when I land." That's definitely a foolproof way of not losing your bags and over packing. Love it!

We can never be too careful, smart, or  preventative when it comes to travel today. And if there's advice we can follow to avoid lost luggage? We'd be crazy not to follow it!