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Cool Tip for Identifying Landmarks While Traveling Couldn't Be Easier

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Has this ever happened to you? It definitely has to plenty of people on more than one occasion. During your travels, you come upon a landmark, and you're just not sure what it is, why it's familiar, or the story behind it? Well, now there's a quick and easy way to find out details and get your facts straight!

Check out this cool video from TikTok creator @raimeetravels as she shares this super fun travel tip you need to know! You'll impress all your travel companions with this and be a smarty pants, too.

Easy-peasy, right? People who watched the clip are loving this tip. TikTok user @michaelhgoldberg writes, "Awesome tip, applicable to so many things. Thanks!" And we agree too! Another comment from @patitos_love says, "Thank you, I’m traveling right now! Definitely going to use it 😌" Then there was this gem-of-a-comment from TikTok user @boredblonde1, which we totally related to, saying, "In my youth, we had something called an encyclopedia." Haha yes, we are dating ourselves. Those really were the good ol' days!

All jokes aside, this really is a pretty cool travel hack, and we're glad the creator shared it. It's so simple and fast to just using your phone, open the Google app, click on the camera icon, take a photo of the landmark, and BAM! Google magically tells us what the picture of the landmark is, along with details and information too. BTW, you can also do this with plants, animals, foods, or pretty much anything you can see or think of. This begs one very important question. How on earth did we ever travel without smartphones in tow?!