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Man Issues PSA to Anyone Who Posts Travel Stories on Instagram

He totally has a point.

If you go on vacation and didn't share photos on social media, did you even travel at all? While some people do prefer to keep their trips private and use them as a way to unplug, plenty of others get a lot of joy out of sharing photos and videos from their experience online with their friends and followers. And that's totally okay, too — it's perfectly natural to want to share your happiness and excitement with the people in your life.

But before you press "post" on your next Instagram Story during vacation, there's something you might want to consider first, according to this TikTok video from @thatssobrandon. For safety's sake, it might be worth taking his advice.

"This is a PSA to people who are posting their travel stories on Instagram: Please stop," he says in the video. "Four of my friends posted stories that they were in another country, and when they came back to their apartment, they got robbed, because they were posting stories of where they were." 

Whoa! That's really scary — and it does give potential thieves a prime opportunity to strike when they know that you aren't home and won't be for the foreseeable future.

That doesn't mean that you have to keep your whole trip a secret, though. If you want to share while you're away, it's not a bad idea to make sure your privacy settings are in order on your Instagram account, or even consider using the Close Friends option, sharing the pictures with people you trust.

Others in the comments shared safety tips of their own.

"I thought this was common sense. You only post when you get back, turn off location tags, and only caption that you are back and this is from the trip," one person shared.

You can never be too careful — and everyone loves a post-vacation photo dump.