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Woman Shares Common Travel Safety Mistake We All Make

Identity theft, unfortunately, has become a common experience for millions of people in today's society climate. If this has happened to you, then you know the frustration, resentment, and the pain-staking amount of hours spent resolving, repairing, and protecting oneself to prevent this from EVER happening again.

TikTok travel and safety expert @alliegoneaway shares the most common mistake people make when traveling and how a quick and simple fix can help prevent identity theft/fraud happening to you. Check out her clip, are you already doing this? We're  making this change this now!

We all have our luggage tags tied, laced, or fastened to our suitcases that have all of our personal information a thief would need to hack, steal, and claim our identity. Just think how many times while in an airport you've been able to see, read, or even take a quick photo of someone's tag. It's astonishing just how simple we are making it for the bad guys.

Not anymore, we say! TikTok fans are grateful for this easy-peasy tip that could save from this ever happening to you. User @frankeefrankly said, "Saw a woman on escalator in NYC, and all I could do was read her entire info." Yikes, we agree, we've been able to do that as well. Viewer @yvonnes.around declares, "Genius!" Yup, we concur, very smart. Commenter @nlblueyes says, "I put last name and phone number only."

Her instant fix doesn't cost any money, and one can make this quick change in seconds. Simply remove your current tag that contains all personal information and replace it with either a business card that only has your mobile phone number and/or email address. If you don't have a business card, you can replace the card holder slot with the words 'see back of bag.'

It's unfortunate we all have to be on high alert for this kind of criminal. But let's not make it any easier for them with a step by step diagram into your life. Protect yourself and be vigilant, and we hope you never experience identity theft.