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Man's Simple Yet Crucial Travel Tip Is a Must for Flights

One basic yet crucial dilemma many face when preparing for a flight is designing on what to wear. There are a few things that are pretty much a given- you want easy-to-remove shoes for when you go through the TSA checkpoint, for example. But what should you wear to stay comfy through the whole flight?

Fashion designer @tayloroffer has come up with a go-to airplane outfit that he swears by. While he's marketing his own line of clothing, this advice would work just as well with generic brands, too!

This is definitely a great fit for air travel. Comfort is key on plane rides, especially long ones. Wearing stiff and uncomfortable clothing will make for a miserable flight, so don't be afraid to prioritize comfort over glamor. 

This combo in particular rocks. Let face it- they really blast the AC hard here on flights in the US, and a hoodie like that will come in hand if it gets cold. We loved the long pants with the zip-up pockets- we're always scared to put things in our pockets while traveling for fear that we'll lose them, so pockets like these will definitely alleviate that concern!

Of course, no advice goes without its critics, and some people had genuine concerns. "Hoodies are great but I find it's only US-based flights that are cold. Asia and Europe- I am always hot!" said @foottraffic808. "And you're f***ed if you get hot," @.drewdalton put it a little more bluntly. 

The good thing about fits like these, though, is that they can be modified quickly on the off chance that you get hot. Just choose pants with a breathable fabric, and wear a short-sleeved shirt underneath your hoodie (you'll have to take it off at the TSA checkpoint anyway, so don't try to use it as your shirt). We still think this outfit holds up!

"Wow I've never considered ewearing a hoodie while flying. Always get cold on flights but could never find a solution until now. Thanks!" exclaimed @bennybankroll.

And if you don't care for hoodies, or need a little something extra to bundle up? User @eastcoastgrl44 offers her own succession. "I always bring a scarf. Keeps me warm!"

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