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Woman Shares Smartphone Apps She'll Never Travel Without While Visiting Europe

In this modern age of smart technology, our smartphones can make traveling so much easier than it was in the old days. No more second-guessing or taking the wrong route- all the information you need can be found online or through on app. However, some apps work better than others when it comes to getting accurate information or having everything you need in one place- and seasoned travelers know what the best ones are.

Travel TikTok influencer Nikki aka @nikkionherway spent six months traveling last year, most of which was in Europe. During that time she put together a roster of apps that made her travel easy and low-stress. Today, she's sharing a few of her favorites with us. Maybe these apps will come in handy for your own future international travel plans!

This was our first time hearing about Omio, and we gotta say, it's super cool and convenient. Anything that helps us skip the ticket line at the train station is a winner in our book! Staying on top of your itinerary during travel is so important too, which is why TripIt seems like it could be super helpful. And of course, you can't go wrong with Google Maps- when it comes to accuracy and information, they're second to none.

We always love videos like these because other traveler chime in sharing their helpful tips, and they did not disappoint here either. "Plus GoogleMaps lets you download a portion of the map to your phone so if you don’t have data you can still pull up directions," reminded @popcornsdad. That's super helpful- most of us don't have affordable international plans where we can leave the data on while abroad!

"I love Rome2Rio, gives all possible ways from 1 place to another, including ferries," recommended @jessicamartori. We've encountered Rome2Rio before... seems to be popular with lots of travelers. "Rick Steves Travel Europe!! Free audio tours of major sites/museums," added @patacones0. "Second all of the ones listed. I also used Free Now/My Taxi a bit when using public transit with luggage wasn't convenient," suggested @haanaraama.

We hope you find these apps helpful the next time you travel!