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Travel Professional Reveals 5 Key Things She'd Never Do While Traveling

Those of us who are experienced in traveling have picked up some useful information from the places we visited. With each trip, you learn how to better prepare. Have you seen that trend on TikTok where people are sharing tips about what NOT to do? Basically, people are listing things they'd never do in their industry after what they've experienced.

Well, in a new video that was shared on TikTok by @alidalifetravel, a travel professional reveals her 5 key things she'll never do in terms of vacationing. This creator has been in the travel industry for over 20 years, so she has for sure seen it all. Even if you're an experienced traveler, you have to watch this. 

Wow! These are some great tips. We really liked the copy of the passport one, and that's a must. And when one commenter was confused on how to photocopy their passport the creator responded to them explaining it further, saying, "just a photocopy or a picture for you to have... no, it's not illegal to do this, it's your document, and you only have it for your records." Good to know. 

People agree that these tips are very helpful, like user @bea_italia, who said, "I love the last one. I have the same approach". We LOVED the last one too, don't wait to travel with someone just do it! Some of the viewers are even sharing their best traveling tips and tricks, and we are loving these, too. TikTok user @daniw2020 said, "Don’t book a connection with less than 2+ hours at Toronto Pearson airport. Unless you enjoy sprinting." We'll make a note of that! 

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