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Translation Error At Taiwanese Hotel Is So Funny and Absolutely Perfect

Language barriers are hurdles that every world traveler must confront. It helps to brush up on key phrases in the local language of your travel destination, but it takes years of rigorous study and practice to become truly fluent in a new language. If you don't have that kind of time, you may need to resort to translator apps for some exchanges.

Unfortunately, these translator apps aren't foolproof, which can lead to some hilarious results! Travel vlogger Lauren Winslow-Llewe aka @nonstoptravelling encountered a sidesplitting mistranslation at a Taiwanese hotel.

LMAO! We were totally cracking up at this. Even without 100% of the context, somehow "soaking your big dumplings" sounds like a perfectly imperfect phrase for taking a dip in the pool! But how did "big dumplings" come out of whatever the receptionist was trying to say? Was this receptionist perhaps being a bit flirty?

Cheeky as this phrase sounds, commenters had a pretty good guess as to what the receptionist was actually saying. "In Chinese, feet and dumplings are homonyms! Except the tones but yeah, the pinyin is both “jiaozi”," explained @lemonxaide. "OMG she definitely meant feet! You can also say jiaozi for feet (it’s kind of a cute/diminutive way to say it!)," another user confirmed. 

OK, but that's honestly really cute. We're calling foot baths "soaking your big dumplings" from now on. Consider the phrase a permanent addition to our vocabulary!

"That made me laugh so hard," said @marinakwe. "I kind of love that," confessed @yeahdogyeah. Even Lauren herself admitted that she wasn't able to contain herself in the moment: "Just a fit of hysterics at the reception desk when that sentence came out of the speaker." LOL, we would have been laughing too!

When you're practicing a new language for an upcoming trip, it might be a good idea to check if any words for body parts are analogous to food terms. Knowledge is power, and the more comfortable you are with your destination's primary language, the quicker you'll hit the ground running dumplings first- uh, sorry, feet first!

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