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Man Playing The Public Piano at the Train Station Gets a Welcome and Unexpected Surprise

Public pianos are so cool. It's always neat to have an interactive instrument where people can sit down from the hustle and bustle and create a little music, whether they're playing "Chopsticks" or Mozart. The interactivity of public pianos also often inspires more people to join in on the music making!

Travelers at the St. Pancras International railway station in London got a wonderful treat when TikTok user @jarednandra laid down some tasty licks on the station's public piano. Things got interesting, however, when another TikTok musician, @reecepotter_music, joined him on the keys! @jarednandra caught the scene on video and shared it to his followers here!

Nothing like seeing two masters of the crafts join in with each other seamlessly! This must have been such a pleasant surprise for the people waiting at the station. The piano players are bopping their heads along to the music, the audience is grooving and snapping their fingers along in the background… perfect musical synchronicity!

The musicians' followers were enraptured by the spontaneous public performance. "That's what being a musician is all about is just falling into the music," commented user @diamonddssss. "It's the head action!!! He really enjoys playing!!!" said user @queenvee1119. 

What really touched us, however, was seeing how moved people were by the act of collaborative art itself. "I absolutely LOVE public pianos!" exclaimed user @lexi_and_lucy. "They bring out the talent and love of music in EVERYONE!!" "The unity music brings is beautiful!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰" agreed user @lynchstroublem8ker.

We loved seeing everyone both moving to the music and moved by the music. We also hopes this inspires more people to try their hand the next time they see a public piano. Even if you've never played before, it's never too late to start learning!