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Video of Disney's 'Tower of Terror' Sign Being Taken Down Has People Fired Up

This is truly the end of an era.

There's a reason that Disney fans are so widely discussed on the internet — they do not mess around. Not when it comes to their love of the theme parks, anyway, and recently, Walt Disney World made a decision to take something down that served as a vacation landmark for so many. 

Yep, we're talking about the popular Tower of Terror billboard on Disney property. It was meant to advertise the ride, which opened in 1994 at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and features a ride car of terrified people that moves back and forth. It's pretty cool to see and very '90s. But when the iconic sign disappeared overnight, people were not happy. 

Disney fan TikTok account @waltdisneyworldparks shared footage of the sign being dismantled, construction vehicles and all, from the side of the road. It's so sad to see, and fans had a lot of feelings to share in the comments.

"WHY!??? I look forward to seeing that every time I’m there," one person wrote.

Others took the opportunity to say goodbye to one of their "childhood memories." 

"I remember the pure rush i got seeing this as a kid going into Disney. why remove something that’s so beloved?" another fan shared. 

The good news: Even though the sign is being removed, the ride itself isn't going anywhere. We can still get our screams on Tower of Terror, but we're definitely going to miss the nostalgia that came with seeing that billboard.

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