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Friends' Reactions to Having Their Own 'Tower of Terror' Elevator Crack Us Up

It pays to do Disney in the off-season. Most of the year, you're fighting with thousands of other people flooding the parks, but if you can visit during slow times, you and your party can have the luxury of moving through the parks and- and the rides- with ease. What better time to go with friends?

TikTok Disney influencer @disneywithphoebe and her friends went to Disney World this October. Because this is a slow month for the parks, they were treated to a private ride on the Tower of Terror!

This is the ideal DIsney experience: getting that extra time to fully take in the ride with just your friends. The cast members seem to appreciate having the smaller audience of friends to work with and are really leaning into the crowd work. The friends are cracking inside jokes and being goofy, and their fun is totally infectious. Some of their reactions cracked us up! We wish every experience at Disney World was this personal.

Phoebe's viewers loved this, especially the bellhops, who were totally hamming things up and having a blast. "I had that cast member before and he was SOOOO funny!!!" shared @sarah.twohill. "'I will sell them on eBay' love that guy now," laughed another user. "The workers at the Hollywood Tower are the best, they are so entertaining in the queues!" admired @.starkasa.

Mostly though, people really appreciated the fun, intimate feel of this video- it almost makes you feel like you're there with your own friends. "@Tristachoo this is giving me worlds throwback and I can feel the anxiety I felt that day," reminisced @elexisleigh. "Omg watching this made me feel like I was back on the ride!!!" said @kaelynn7293.

Honestly, this whole video has us craving an easygoing Disney trip with our own buddies. January is the next big "slow month"... maybe it's time to start looking at tickets.

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