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Video Shares the World's Top 3 First Class Flights

Each one is nicer than the last.

It's hard to argue that business class and first class are both infinitely better than flying economy on almost all airlines, but as it turns out, not all first class seats are created equally. All airlines do things a bit differently, depending on the company, the flight time, and the type of plane... the list goes on and on. On some flights, first class is all about free champagne, a comfy seat, and better food, but on others, it turns the flight into an experience. 

And just in case you're as curious about the differences in luxury travel as we are, one TikTok user, @will.luxurytravel, is outlining them all for us. In a video, they shared the top three first class flights you can take, and we'll admit we're more than a little impressed (and jealous). 

If you need any inspiration to start earning and saving up airline points, this video should definitely provide that, because these aren't just the best first class flights you can take in the United States — these are worldwide.

Number three on the list is Emirates A380, which not only offers a private suite (with a seat that converts to a bed) but also a private shower, so you can emerge from the plane fresh as a daisy before you even reach your hotel. And coming in second is Singapore Airlines A380, which includes an "apartment in the sky" that comes with a private bathroom.

But the number one most luxurious flight tops all that — according to this traveler, anyway. It's the Emirates Game Changer, which offers a suite designed by Mercedes-Benz that includes "virtual" windows, or HD projections of the sky outside.

We'd be willing to fly any of these, honestly. Anyone else ready to book a trip?