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Video of Toddler Chilling on a Private Jet Like It's NBD Is a Whole Vibe

Sometimes, kids just really don't know how good they have it. They're too young to appreciate luxury- partially because they haven't developed enough to refine their tastes, and partially because a price tag just doesn't mean much to a young kid. Try offering a three-year-old the choice between filet mignon and chicken nuggets, and see which one he chooses!

Case in point: Enzo, the young son of TikTok fashion influencer @paolaalberdi. Paola has the money to spend and takes a trip with Enzo on a private jet. She's waited a long time for this luxury, but Enzo seems, well- unimpressed.

Ah, youth. The young toddler seems mostly underwhelmed by his extravagant surroundings. We get the feeling that Enzo would be just as happy flying coach as long as he had the essentials- Elmo and a good snack! Would that were we all so easily satisfied in life. Enzo is pretty much the definition of chill here.

"Cuz kids could care less about materialistic things like private jets. You could give them a box and they would be satisfied," remarked @fashiontoflow. In many ways, this is true, and it's a beautiful mindset to keep in mind. As long as you have access to life's simple pleasures and enough spare time to enjoy them, you don't really need a whole lot more to have a good time!

In this sense, maybe we could all learn a lesson from our youngers!

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