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Frequent Traveler Shares Simple Tips for Never Getting Jet Lag

Jet lag- the bane of the international traveler. No matter how used you are to traveling abroad, your body always needs that extra adjustment period to reset its Circadian rhythm after jumping multiple time zones- especially when traveling eastward. We would like to spend less time recovering and more time enjoying our trip- so how can we conquer jet lag?

Solo world traveler Sabrina, or @girlvsglobe on TikTok, never gets jet lag when flying. That's because she's developed a method to stave it off, which other travelers can use too!

 It's so simple, but eating/drinking healthily and planning ahead to redjust to your new timezone early can really make a huge difference. The biggest shock to the system is landing in a new country and it being daytime when it's nighttime back home, or vice versa. If you've slept and eaten on board your flight according to the schedule of your destination, you've already started the adjustment process early. And steering clear of alcohol, carbonaton, and salt will help you stave off that bloated cruddy feeling you get after a long plane ride.

Some worried, however, that sleeping on a plane is easier said than done. "It's so hard to sleep on a plane! Tips?" asked @brookepruiett. "Being super tired makes it a bit easier! Sleeping tablets have worked when I’ve had a long-haul daytime flight," suggested @paigealice316. That melatonin Sabrina mentioned can be a big help when you need to get sleepy. Also, our own suggestion: sleep masks really do help a lot. If the ones they hand out on the airplane fit too tightly or loosely on you, buy one that suits you beforehand!

Jet lag is an all-too-common side effect of international travel, but it doesn't have to get the best of you. Following steps and helpful tips like the ones shared by Sabrina can help you bounce back from a long-haul flght so you can get right down to enjoying your adventure abroad!

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