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Woman Shares Simple Tips to Make Coming Home From a Trip Easier

This is some pretty sage advice.

For a lot of us, going on vacation is one of the big highlights of our year. Planning the trip, packing our suitcase — even going to the airport or leaving for a road trip can be an adventure before you ever reach your destination. But as nice as it can be to come home and sleep in your own bed again when the trip is over, it's always a bit deflating to have to go back to reality.

And then, of course, there's the added stress of coming home to a house where there's no clean laundry and no groceries in the fridge! If you find yourself feeling stressed after a trip, you are definitely going to want to check out the tips that @allforalltravel is sharing on TikTok that will help you avoid that. 

These tips are mostly prep work you can do before leaving for your trip, and though they don't take a lot of time to complete, they will go a long way for reducing your stress levels once you get home and try to get back into the swing of your usual routine. She said that when she travels, she usually fills her car up so she doesn't have to stop for gas on her first morning back to work, and she washed her sheets and towels before leaving, too.

She also cleaned her house and her bedroom, which made her feel more "peaceful" coming home. And in the work category, she said she always goes through her emails before boarding her flight to go home, that way when she heads back to work, she isn't so overwhelmed by a full inbox. This is genius! 

In the comments, others suggested more tips, too, like laying out PJs to wear when you get home and taking an extra vacation day so you have a full free day to settle back in when you arrive home.

We're writing these down for next time!