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Woman's Tip for the Correct Way to Tip Servers in Greece Is Going Viral

One custom that varies a lot between countries and cultures is tipping. Here in America, it's important to tip 20-25% percent, as most servers depend on tips to make a decent wage. However, in many other countries, including most of Europe, servers are paid higher wages and tipping is less customary.

So how do you tip when you're visiting, say, Greece? World travel creator @dani_making_memories has the answer.

This is really helpful. Tipping 10% as opposed to 20% is more common, and she even adds some extra knowledge in the description: "In addition… it’s not customary to bring you your bill unless you ask for it. The Greeks want you to feel welcome to stay as long as you’d like. " Good to know!

Why do you have to let your server know you want to tip them before they take your credit card? "For Americans Confused: In other countries, they bring a portable card reader to the table so you just tap your CC and done. Then they leave," explains @bgroyal808.

Still, some prefer the old-fashioned way with cold hard cash. "I always leave cash in Greece to make sure it goes to my waiter. They do get paid properly so there is no need for 20-25. Still, I like to tip well," said @hidinginthemirror. "That’s smart too! Just make sure if leave cash, only leave Euros. Not polite to leave other currencies. 😊," Dani replied. We'd hope people would have already exchanged their currencies!

Ultimately, though, tipping isn't as imperative as it is over in the US. "For those planning to travel to Greece, be advised that restaurant tipping isn't customary. Tourist areas it's ok to leave a modest tip but not necessary," advised one user. The response to this was mixed. As said before, waiters make better pay in Europe and don't depend on tips like servers here do, but many people, Americans especially, find it's still something they like to do for good service.

As @searchpartyofone quipped, "I always tipped when I lived in Greece and I would tell my taverna owner that if he had to deal with Americans, at least we would tip."