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Key Tip for First-Time Cruisers Prevents a Mistake So Many Travelers Make

You'll totally regret not doing this.

Going on a cruise is so different from other types of travel that it can be a bit overwhelming to figure everything out if it's your first time. After all, you're boarding a ship and staying there for the duration of your vacation (minus any ports you get off at, of course). It doesn't exactly work like other trips!

If you're planning your first ever cruise and don't know where to begin as you prepare to leave for your trip, this tip from frequent cruiser @yourstrulychelsea on TikTok is going to be a lifesaver. It's definitely something important to keep in mind while you're packing your bags for your adventure! 

When it comes to packing, think of it as boarding a plane where you're going to check your luggage. Your suitcase is going to disappear for awhile if you check a bag, but you will have your carry on with you — it's kind of like that when you board a cruise ship. You'll have a smaller bag with you, but it could be hours before you see the rest of your luggage.

Keeping that in mind, make sure that everything that is either super important or something that you will need immediate access to is in that bag you carry with you. As the video points out, that includes items like medication, travel documents and IDs, sunscreen and sunglasses, and of course, your swimsuit if you plan to go swimming as soon as you hop on the ship.

If you're bringing beer or wine, you'll need to carry those on also, but each cruise ship's policy on outside alcohol varies.

The last thing you want is to be stuck without your ID or motion sickness medicine for hours until you're reunited with your luggage, so this tip is a smart one. Happy cruising!