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Man's Time-Lapse Video Taken From the Airplane Window Is Downright Breathtaking

There's nothing like staring out of an airplane window while you fly. It gives you a view of the world that we very rarely see in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes as we veg out while staring over the clouds, we wish we could bring that perspective home with us.

There's nothing like seeing it in person, but Matthew Ranger of the TikTok @sittinandlivin did a pretty darn good job capturing the view. On a recent international flight, he captured an amazing timelapse video of the surrounding clouds that is just incredible.

This is really, really, cool. Because it's a timelapse video, it even alters the perspective slightly from what we usually see in real-time on an airplane- like how the clouds seem to freeze in the sky as the plane flies around them. The quality is spectacular, too- it almost feels like it was taken from a camera flying alongside the plane on the outside. Gorgeous footage all around.

"I can’t be the only one that gets tripped out when I see a cloud just floating there," said @_pshiesty_. It tripped us out too- and honestly, anyone who recently saw Jordan Peele's Nope will probably never look at a static cloud the same way again, so we were even a little bit on edge! "The pilot's GPS: “turn left at the next cloud”," quipped @noodle_soup_of_the_day.

Of course, people did what they always do when staring at the clouds- they looked for shapes! "Anyone else see the cloud dog at the beginning?" asked @lindz8406. "Who else saw Scooby in the clouds first thing we saw out the window," @salmon_john similarly observed. OMG, we didn't pick on that before, but now it's all we can see in the first cloud- a giant, fluffy white dog. How precious!

"What's crazy is that if this was just a clip in a travel vlog nobody would mention it, but as a single TikTok it's great," @theyodadeathsound mused. Honestly, we're glad it's a standalone video for that reason. Rather than having it be B-roll footage for a travel vlog, the images have room to breathe, and we can really sit back and observe the beauty of the skies and the winding rivers below. Air travel is a modern marvel, and we'll never get tired of views like this.