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Man Makes TikTok Video With Random Stranger on a Flight and We're Here for It

Sleeping on an airplane while traveling alone isn't exactly a good time. After all, knowing that the person two inches away from you can see you at your most vulnerable is a little bit weird, to say the least. And given just how addicted people are to social media these days, if you doze off on a flight, someone just might decide to document your nap.

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @sacredthomas, the creator shares a random encounter between himself and a sleeping stranger on an airplane. Apparently he just couldn't resist trying to have a little fun on what could've been a pretty mundane flight. Watch what happens when this guy decides to record a little "show" up in the air.

LOL! Anyone who's a mouth breather can totally relate to this! Thankfully, it sounds like the sleeping dude was totally cool with the man filming him to have a little TikTok fun. Let's be honest, this totally could've gone the other way. And at least the video creator was cool enough to fill him in on what was happening!

People who watched the clip agree that it was nice of the creator to ask for the man's permission to post this video before. Like user @imajofficial, who said, "Hahaha, that was actually really kind of you to ask before u blasting him." Agreed!

The sound he put over the video fit perfectly, too! It really sounded like they were performing a duet on the plane. This video has gone viral ,with even famous sports teams commenting on it. The TikTok for The Chicago Bears @chicagobears said "He hit every note 💯". We think Snow White has some competition. 

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