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Woman Spots TikTok Famous 'Cowboy' on Flight and People Are So Confused

While the ultra-rich stars often fly private, many stars fly commercial with the rest of us, leading to occasional encounters with fans. Sometimes, these encounters are awkward (seriously, some people just don't respect celebrities' space and privacy), but if the star is cool with it, you can get some neat moments from these scenarios, too.

TikTok user @emiehaile recently went on a flight where she thought she spotted TikTok star Christian Kaiser aka @cowboychreesh, known for his viral TikTok dances. She wasn't 100% sure at first though, so she had to play it cool. Her solution? Play a song from one of his viral dance videos to see how he would react. Here's what happened:

Oh, yeah- caught hook, line, and sinker. Smart move, flawless execution from @emiehaile. At least Christian doesn't seem to mind being recognized by a fan. He's being a good sport and laughing along! "That is so funny, small world," commented @kayla.collins16. People love seeing stars in the wild!

However, this video had a red herring that threw many people off: many commenters were focusing on the wrong cowboy! "Me waiting for the man in the cowboy hat to dance…" commented @annikaxlocke. LOL! We totally didn't notice on the first watch, but there's a dude wearing a full-on cowboy hat standing in line. No wonder some viewers were confused!

Generally, if you recognize a celeb on your flight, we'd recommend giving them their space: they probably get a lot of that every day. However, if you're going to get their attention, play it cool like @emiehaile. If they're into it, maybe they'll play along.