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TikTok 'Airplane Window Hack' Makes for a Pretty Cool Vacation Memory

Do you love the stunning aerial views from your airplane window? Wish that you could better capture those views to take home with you after you disembark from your flight? Here's one little hack you can try!

Akshaya, who goes by @carelessindiantraveler on TikTok, saw a hack on TikTok where you can partially close your phone in the airplane's window to get the camera right against the glass for a clear view. She decided to try this trick herself to grab a timelapse while she napped. The result?

That image is absolutely crystal clear. It's only the slight glare from the sun that even gives it away that it's filming from behind glass! We felt like Superman flying alongside the plane watching this. A+ camera work, Akshaya!

"I did that too while I was flying to and from Hawaii! but I came up with it on my own in the plane lol," commented @floofy.donuts. "I saw this when I was wing walking a plane out and made sure to wave and give their camera hearts with my hands (:" said @emmylee113. We love it when the flight and ground crew has fun with the passengers!

However, this hack didn't go so swimmingly for everyone! "I did this but it fell into the crack and I couldn’t find my phone and was on the verge of a panic attack," recalled @susanna.detrick. "I did that and my phone got so warm 😂," said @vulturecorpse. Now that you definitely want to watch out for- anything that could cause a phone to potentially blow up, ESPECIALLY near an airplane window, is bad news! Even Akshaya herself had a snag: "It fell down while I was napping and the whole plane stared at me. I was too scared to try again 😂."

If you're thinking of trying this yourself, be very careful. Make sure that the phone is secure, don't force it if it won't fit easily, and check your phone regularly to make sure it doesn't overheat! Always safety first when flying. That said, good luck capturing a great in-flight view!

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