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'Tiki Suites' in the Middle of the Ocean in Key West Are Straight Out of a Dream

How cool are these little huts?

If you've been dreaming of a luxurious vacation on a tropical beach and don't want to leave the country, there are a surprising number of locations in Florida you can visit that look like they aren't in the United States at all. That includes Key West, which includes the coolest place to say that we've seen in awhile. 

As @face_it_beauty407 shared on TikTok, there are tiki suites in Key West that can be rented out, and they're right in the middle of the water. The only way to get to them is by boat, so it's a true way to get a real break from reality and unplug. And after seeing the videos she shared from her vacation, we're convinced that we need to book a stay.

In another video, she shared a peek at the inside, including the sleeping arrangements and a hammock you can relax in with a gorgeous view of the ocean. We can only imagine the amazing Instagram photos that can be taken here. This seems like the perfect site for a vacation that's celebrating a special occasion (or honestly, if you want to treat yourself for no reason at all). 

If you're ready to start planning a trip, anyone can book the Tiki Suites on the company's website. There are two suites to choose from, and though they certainly come at a high price point, it's obviously more than just a hotel room — it's an entire experience. 

Who knew something this cool existed so close to home?!