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Video of People Using Airplane TikTok Hack Shows How Social-Media Addicted We Are

We've shared a lot of travel hacks on this website, many of which come from TikTok. There's a lot of good to them, too- they can help people travel easier, save money, and be more comfortable on their trip. Because many of these tips go viral, though, a lot of people follow them, and every once in a while it can end up showing us just how online we all are.

For those not in the know, last year a TikTok hack went viral showing people how to use an (unused!) barf bag clipped into their phone's case to hang their phone so they can watch movies while they fly. Well, apparently everyone on TikTok user @500kmtoparis's recent EasyJet flight watched the same hack, because everyone's doing it!

Man... it's kinda cliche to complain about people being on their phones too much (we get it, we live in a society), but seeing this makes us wonder if maybe we're all spending a bit too much time on TikTok. At least this is a positive outcome of social media addiction- everyone's tuned in to helpful life hacks.

"As a cabin crew when i first saw this by a passenger i was so impressed lol 😂," commented user @maria.filippoglou. "@Courtney ❤️defo doing this" said user @paige_cooke_, tagging her friend and further sharing the travel hack!

This "hack" had its critics, however. As user @grunkledits simply put it, "Just use the tray?" That would seem to be the simpler option- and you wouldn't have to worry about the bag slipping or ripping. "Or fly JetBlue where even third class passengers get TVs," recommended @slxthkweeen. Now, we can understand people using their own screens with their shows saved. Still, though, we can agree the bag hack is a little extra. There's nothing wrong with it, though- it's just funny to watch them all doing it!

What can we say- it's a digital age, and we're learning a lot from social media. Still, maybe we can take a page from user @lewiswalsh79's book: "I use flights as a great excuse to avoid screens." Maybe this is a sign we should bring a book on our next flight!