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Man's Tightrope Walk Over Brazilian Rainforest Is Mind-Bending

There's no sport that's more death-defying, heart-pounding, and awe-inspiring than tightrope walking. Courageous tightrope walkers have walked the wire between skyscrapers, over Niagara Falls, and even between two hot air balloons a mile up in the air. This video, however, may be the most mindblowing tightrope walk we've seen yet.

That's because it was filmed with a camera mounted on top of the tightrope walker himself- professional highline athelete Ryan "Handsome" Robinson. His tightrope walk over the Brazilian rainforest is one of the most surreal scenes we've ever seen. 

We found ourselves getting emotional just watching this incredible clip. The anxiety at his terrifying height, the surreal beauty of the scene, the awe and emotion in his voice- it just hits you all at once. He's literally walking through the clouds! We may never seen anything quite like this again- it's mindbending and even a bit frightening, but it's beautiful.

While he doesn't give an exact location, based on his mention of the "rainforest of Southern Brazil" and what's visible in the video, we believe he was likely walking in the Serra do Mar mountain range of Southern Brazil- most likely on the Pico Paraná. High up in the clouds above the rainforest, Ryan shared an intimate, personal moment with us to give us a glimpse into a perspective few of us will get to see in real life. It's deeply moving.

Witnessing Ryan's unbelievable walk was mindblowing for the millions of people who watched it. "The panic my body is experiencing despite this sounding and looking beautifully peaceful lol," shared @giulianaavaa. "*Do not attempt* bro is tight rope walking in the heavens of Mordor," marveled @avocadosnaliens. "This has got to be the most surreal human experience," exclaimed @lorienrain.

Like us, many people felt a sense of gratitude from witnessing his experience. "Thank you for letting me see this, I would never be able to do it myself," thanked @bellemere_by_mal. "I’m crying honestly lol this was definitely for you, this moment was yours and yours only," praised @lonewolfxx00.

The world is full of beautiful things and incredible courageous people. Ryan was kind enough to share something truly special with us, and we feel blessed having seen it and sharing in it just that much. While we will never tightrope walk through the Serra do Mar ourselves, we can see why it inspired such awe!

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