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Lodge in Canada Where Guests Get Up Close and Personal with Wolves Is Incredible

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Doesn't this sound dreamy? How about spending a few days in this extremely unique and luxurious accommodation in Canada where you can enjoy all of your creature comforts and then some. Did we mention you can see wolf packs passing by your panoramic bay windows at any time of day? You can get so up close and personal, you can almost touch them! 

TikTok contributor @wellnesstravelled shared this awesome video clip of being situated just a few feet away from these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Now, this is super cool! Grab your camera and get comfy in front your front seat for this epic experience. 

Welcome to the Parc Omega Hotel in Montebello, Quebec, Canada where you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the heart of the forest by spending the night in one of their "Wolf Experience" cabins. You will have unobstructed views of these incredible canines in their natural environment all without leaving the comfort and coziness of your room. 

TikTok viewers are 'howling' with the wolves and are booking this amazing destination now. User @grammynan1965 writes, "I would never leave that window unless there's an emergency. That is amazing!" We absolutely agree, this looks unbelievable. Fan @twiztd_rootz added, "How dangerously amazingly peaceful." LOL, That is a great summation. Viewer @bobbysledge1 simply declares, "WOW. That is absolutely Beautiful." It sure is, this place is definitely special.

These precious memories will give you exclusive moments that cannot be found anywhere else in North America. What are you waiting for? The wolves are howling to get you there!