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First Look at Model of 'Tiana's Bayou Adventure' at 'Disney World' Has Fans Delighted

It's replacing the old Splash Mountain.

We've known for a while now that Disney World and Disneyland are both getting ready to dismantle Splash Mountain as the parks have known it and instead, turn it into a Princess and the Frog-themed ride. But we haven't had many details about what that would look like... until now, at least. 

The D23 Disney fan convention has officially kicked off in California, and with it come a lot of details about what fans can expect from the  theme parks worldwide, and fortunately, that includes the plans to include Princess Tiana in a ride of her own. Thanks to fan @waltdisneyworldparks on TikTok, we now have our first glimpse of what Tiana's Bayou Adventure would look like, and so far, we're impressed! 

There's a model of the outside of the attraction on display at the convention, and diehard fans of the ride will be pleased to see it doesn't include too many changes to the way the park looks as a Magic Kingdom icon. It seems like the original exterior is going to mesh well with the bayou! 

We still don't have a date for when the new ride will open, but if you want to ride Splash Mountain in its original state, you should probably do it sooner rather than later. 

Of course, Splash Mountain was a classic ride, but given its dark history, it's long past time for a major update. We can't wait to see Tiana finally get the attention in the parks that she deserves!