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Woman's Hack for Scoring 3 Drinks for the Price of 1 on a Plane Is Brilliant

Unless you're flying first-class (or sometimes business class, depending on the airline), you're gonna have to pay extra if you want an alcoholic drink on board a flight. They don't skimp on the upcharge, either- expect to pay double what you normally would for a shot at your local dive bar. The stiff price of in-flight alcohol has thirsty travelers searching for ways they can score a little more on the cheap.

Viral TikToker @alispagnola is always coming up with off-the-wall ideas for her videos. However, this one is a bit more down-to-earth by her usual zany standards... she posits her hack for getting 3 drinks for the price of one. Is this just another crazy idea... or could this just possibly be the hack many have been looking for?

Nothing like a good Irish coffee! We can see where she's coming from here- they're giving you Baileys, whiskey, and coffee- three drinks in one (though sadly only two are alcoholic, but still). We haven't tried this ourselves before, so we can't speak to the cost-effectiveness, but if they only charge you the price of one standard drink, this might be a very viable hack!

"No wonder you’re always happy," quipped @cv1970. "YOU would be a great drinking partner in crime!" admired @airfilters.

Some were not satisfied with this alone, though. "Buy the little shots at the gas station and bring on your carry-on. Less than 3.5 FLOz, you're good to go and cheaper and can bring multiple," @brandongoffin. Many others suggested the BYO (mini)B approach as well.

However, FAA rules make this muddy. We've actually covered this before on another airplane drink hack video. While you can bring on airplane bottles, you're not actually allowed to open or drink them while flying. Hey, we don't make the rules. Point is, if you wanna stay smart and safe and avoid a hefty fine, stick with what they serve!

That being said, there could be something to Ali's advice. We'll have to try it for ourselves the next time we fly and see!