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Magical Hiking Spot in Arizona That 'Doesn't Feel Real' Is Just Incredible

Do you believe in magic? This destination will make even the most skeptic become a believer. The adjectives used when describing this place are seriously endless. This hiking spot in Arizona will have you in awe, leave you speechless, breathless, and you may even shed a tear, and its not from exertion. The overwhelming emotions one may feel are beyond words. 

TikTok video creator @welcometoarizona shares this unfiltered clip of a place SO majestic, it's an absolute 'must-add' to your bucket list. This stunning scenery is so magical and incredible, we all want to go! Do you consider yourself 'lucky"? We sure hope so! Check out this clip, and you'll understand why! 

Isn't it breathtaking? The entrance to The Wave is located inside Coyotes Buttes South in Utah. Fun fact: the trailhead for the hike is located in Utah, but The Wave itself is in Arizona. Visitors are required to obtain a permit for admission to this once-in-a-lifetime excursion. Applications are available every day on Kanab Center lottery website from 9:30am-10:00am, when the daily online lottery drawing is held. Only ten (10) people per day are granted permit access to visit via the daily lottery. Another 30 or so can sign up for an online lottery to try and secure a spot 4 months in advance. We sure hope you are one of the lucky ones!

TikTok fans are awed by this majestic creation from Mother Nature, and so are we! User @normagarciarayn writes, "God's amazing artwork! Wow!!" We absolutely agree, seriously breathtaking. Another comment from @misswinc "So pretty. Got to add this to my bucket list. that list just keeps growing!" Yep, we concur, our 'list' has become short novel! Reviewer @hightechlowkey simply declares "DOPE!" Now, that says it all!

The Wave is 6-mile round trip strenuous hike in a remote wilderness location. The tour guides recommend starting your hike early morning, packing plenty of hydration, snacks, sunscreen, and most importantly, comfortable footwear. If you're lucky enough to be a chosen winner of a daily lottery ticket, please, take lots of photos, enjoy every moment, breathe in the fresh air, and make memories of a lifetime. This unique and special destination really is a dream!