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Move-In Day Goes Horribly Wrong at Texas A&M Dorm and We Have So Many Questions

How in the heck did this happen?

Move-in day at colleges is always fifty shades of chaotic. Parents and students (and all of their stuff) is everywhere, people are getting lost, the parking lot is a mess. But for those who were going back to school at Texas A&M recently got an especially difficult experience thanks to a bit of a flood.

As @barstooltexasam shared on TikTok, something went majorly wrong on move-in day. In the video, we can see water pouring into the room from the ceiling — it's like it's raining inside! Fortunately, it seems like this person hadn't moved their stuff all the way into the room just yet, but still... this is a total disaster.

According to those in the comments who seem to be in the know, the flood apparently began when a parent accidentally hit a sprinkler in the building, setting them all off. Yeah, if that's true, we're really glad not to be that parent... yikes!

And to add to the fun, we can hear an overhead announcement being made asking people to evacuate the building. We can only imagine how much more stressful this already made a busy day for so many families.

"Caption should have read: move in day is going swimmingly," one commenter joked. 

Hopefully, everyone was able to save their stuff. This just goes to show how important it is to make sure your stuff is covered by insurance, even at college. What a mess!