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Video Showing Texans' Reaction to Visiting Paris Are Cracking People Up

Guess everything is smaller in Paris?

If you live in the United States, it's easy to feel like you're insulated from the rest of the world. After all, when you travel from state to state, the scenery changes, but everything is basically the same — both a blessing and a curse, to be clear. But that also means that when we leave the US for the first time and visit a country abroad, it can lead to a major culture shock. 

And sometimes, that culture shock is really, really funny, as evidenced by this TikTok video from comedian @srirajcomedy. It's part of a series about people from Texas reacting to their first visit to Paris, and it is perfection.

In this video in particular, he's looking out at the Eiffel Tower from the other side of the Seine River, and says, "it's just like the river walk in San Antonio." LOL! 

We know he's a comedian, but we can almost guarantee that similar comments like that can be overheard by anyone who stands near a landmark long enough. Americans are friendly, but we also tend to be a little too candid at times! 

In another video he shared, he's checking out the tower up close and says, "What, am I supposed to be impressed? We got one of these in Paris, Texas. I think it's bigger, and it's got a cowboy hat on it." 

Well, we can't argue with that. 

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