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Tennessee Man's Reaction to Visiting NYC for the First Time Is Just the Best

People are so here for this.

Though many people live in and travel to New York City each year, for some, getting to see the Big Apple in person is a bucket list item. Not everyone lives in close proximity to the northernmost states of the east coast, after all, and let's not pretend that it's not an expensive place to visit, either.

Without ever stepping foot in NYC, it can be hard to really conceptualize what the city is really like — even after seeing it in countless TV shows and movies. Recently musician Shane Profitt (@theshaneprofitt), who is from Tennessee, shared footage from his first visit to the city on his TikTok account, and he had the best reaction to seeing NYC in real life for the first time.

Even from the time he was at the airport, it was easy to see how excited he was for this trip, and it only got better from there. Driving in a cab in the city, he was amazed by all the honking, the traffic, and even the pigeons. But best of all might have been the look on his face when he saw Times Square for the first time and said, "we're not in Columbia, Tennessee anymore!" 

Soon enough, he was on the hunt for pizza and the "statue people" (the Statue of Liberty, of course) as he got more acclimated to his busy surroundings. 

This is just the beginning of his trip, so we're definitely going to follow along and see what he thinks of the rest of the NYC. So far, he seems open to whatever the experience might bring him. 

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